About Kaloomee ... ... our mission

You may ask … what does Kaloomee mean, or what does Kaloomee stand for?

To be honest it doesn’t fall into either of those pigeonholes, it was simply born out of the desire to create something different and unique.

So by thinking out of the box, the rather abstract name and brand ‘Kaloomee’ was born.

A light bulb moment as they say, and thus our mission had begun …

Kaloomee is the culmination of many, many months of hard work and dedication, not to mention a rather good idea!

The story goes something like this … once upon a time, Iain (who is heavily involved with a local club) wanted to deliver unique, branded, custom made products to his club members … but didn’t want the additional burden of administering every aspect of the process!

Iain also knew his club didn’t have the financial budget, didn’t have the physical setup, knowledge or staff to make it happen.

… but he knew a couple of mates that do!

Following many fruitful meetings (some in a local pub) the concept of Kaloomee was expanded, discussed in infinite detail and finally born … ready to deliver a seamless operation allowing clubs, communities, associations and charities across the land to access new products and to better manage the ones they already offer.

In a nutshell, Kaloomee is ‘The Club Marketplace’ where you can deliver to your members:

  • Merchandise with your own logo, brand or design printed by Kaloomee on a select range of quality products

Whether you have an existing website or not, Kaloomee will enhance the perception of your club, help deliver new products and streamline certain tasks.

After all, you’re involved with your club to help your members further their aspirations, learn new skills, develop as people and hopefully win those coveted competitions and awards …  not to get bogged down with certain daily tasks.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us.


The Kaloomee Team

‘Kaloomee’ is an online website portal and is a trading name of ‘Design, Invent, Print!’

Terry Johnson

Executive Manager

Terry’s wealth of knowledge and hands on achievements include building an online print company whilst alongside creating a successful Amazon business. His eye for detail has been the driving force behind success.

Luke Johnson

Operations manager

Luke provides the force in the manufacturing department for all print, processing and order management. His tenacity, Conscientiousness, determination and organisation skills are what keep the production department on track.

Iain McCarthy

Iain McCarthy


With decades of technical training and hands-on experience, Iain has constructed numerous e-commerce websites. The geeky guy who spends most of his time at the desk in deep conversation with his computer.

Business address:- 

Kaloomee, C/O Design, Invent, Print! Unit D6, Spithead Business Centre, Newport Road, Sandown, PO36 9PH

Kaloomee … helping to raise funds for your Club, Community, Charity or Association for Free!
We do the merchandising, pay for your stock, build your Kaloomee store then process and send orders direct to the customer.
No minimum order quantity and you receive a royalty for every sale.
No catches, no gimmicks and 100% FREE, it really is that simple!

Kaloomee | Merchandise for Clubs
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