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Your shop is so simple to use, If you can use Facebook or email then you will find kaloomee to be a doddle!

Add your Logo, Banner, Location, contact info and more.

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Kaloomee.com is not just a one stop shop for all your merchandise, You can find a summary of the main features and benefits below.

Kaloomee offers a FREE !! online shop for your club merchandise – AND we provide the products for you to list where WE handle the full order fulfilment, From order receipt to delivery – You even earn commission on these products !!

Simple to set up and easy to manage

Our focus is all about making your life as simple as possible, We appreciate that your time is valuable and would rather be spending  time doing the things you love so we create the online shop for you.!

No coding or web design skills needed – Just fill in the blanks! and join the e-commerce for clubs revolution.

No stock holding needed!

No need to tie up your funds investing in stock and no need to spend time sourcing merchandise from different suppliers. Your shop is created with an inventory of products  and we handle the complete order fulfilment for you. You sit back and receive a percentage of each sale which, in turn, helps raise funds and support your club or community.

Payments made simple

When you use Kaloomee as your shopfront your customers can make payments by Paypal – Amazon pay and Credit and Debit cards.

Blog away – Publish news and information

Creating a blog post is as easy as writing a letter. Blogs help to increase awareness of your club and products and also helps to boost SEO. Blog content can be easy to write by using information about your shop, products and Club news and information.

As a shop manager you can create your very own e-commerce for clubs blogs which can be shared on social media networks and are a great indirect marketing tool.

Social network integration

New listings and blog posts are automatically posted to the top social network platforms :-

Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – Optimising the visibility of your listings worldwide

Built in messaging, notifications and help

Messaging to and from customers, including support tickets. Communication with the site administrators direct from your dashboard

Big help – Don’t worry, If there is anything that puzzles you, we have a comprehensive help and FAQ section including a knowledgebase filled with guides on how to do everything to manage your shop.

Vacation mode – Going on holiday?

This convenient feature lets you put your shop into holiday mode to let your visitors know of any possible limitations while you are away.

Should I launch my own shop on Kaloomee or do I use a platform like Facebook ?

Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs its Own shop for your own e-commerce for clubs

#1 – With a platform like Facebook, you have no control or ownership over your data 

When you run your community in a platform like Facebook, you have no control or ownership over your data. If you decided to move out of Facebook, you have no way of taking your data with you. All the user generated content, that could be used for SEO, or used for your other members as a resource, gets thrown away. Facebook can decide, at any time to delete members’ posts, and you have no control over what is censored and what is not.  

#2 – Facebook and other platforms will market your competitors to your own members 

Facebook uses your data to its own advantage. They know what your group is about and they know what your members are interested in. So logically, they promote other people’s groups to your own members, and naturally those groups are often your competitors’ groups. Your group serves Facebook’s interests more than it serves yours!

#3 – Many people don’t even use or want to use Facebook

You will find that many people in your audience don’t even use or want to use Facebook. So, do you convince them to join the network ? You’ll end up losing potential members who dislike Facebook and don’t want to be there.

#4 – Running your business on a platform like Facebook is Very Risky 

Your page/group can be shut down overnight, and you can lose everything! Just try searching on Google for “My Facebook page/group was shut down” and you’ll find a ton of horror stories. No, you don’t want this to happen to you! Yes, you want your own shopy that you can control!

#5 – You have no control over the user experience, when you build on a platform like Facebook

Facebook doesn’t organize data into categories which makes it really hard for new members to browse through previous conversations and learn from other members. Also, your members are constantly distracted with adverts and it’s really hard to have them focus on your shop. When you run your own shop, you have the freedom to organize your data in any way you want and your members are not constantly distracted by random posts like their neighbour posting a photo of his dog

Kaloome.com provides uk based e-commerce for clubs

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