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Kaloomee The club marketplace

Welcome to Kaloomee
The club marketplace

You may ask … what does Kaloomee mean, or what does Kaloomee stand for?

To be honest it doesn’t fall into either of those pigeonholes, it was simply born out of the desire to create something different and unique.

So by thinking out of the box the name and brand ‘Kaloomee’ was born.

You may think … that in this over saturated commercial world we find ourselves in, (like it or not) that it’s virtually impossible to find anything new, surely its all been done before?

Well, at Kaloomee, we firmly believe we’ve broken the mould by not only establishing a new and unique brand, but also something very special when it comes to delivering merchandise and products YOU’RE club will need and want.

You may be able to tell that I am passionate about what we do, in fact the team in this unique venture are exactly that, we are passionate, even obsessed by everything we do.

You can read brief details about us below, its purposely brief as we know time is precious and you’ll want to establish the facts, make an informed decision and above all, you’ll want to get started.

In a nutshell, Kaloomee is ‘The Club Marketplace’ where you can deliver to your members:

  • Your logos and designs printed by Kaloomee on a select range of quality products
  • Kaloomee products – examples of our current product range may be found HERE

Whether you have an existing club website or not, Kaloomee is a great place to enhance the perception of your club and help deliver new products.

Kaloomee will allow your member’s to order products and services without the involvement of your club admin, totally hands free, whilst you get on with the running of your club, in other words doing the things you love to do.

After all, you’re involved with your club to help your members further their aspirations, learn new skills, develop as people, perhaps even win competitions and awards, not to get bogged down with certain daily tasks.

Its now time to let Kaloomee share the burden, achieve more and discover new opportunities.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us, below my signature you will find three links which I hope you will find helpful and short cut the process to partnering with Kaloomee.

The Kaloomee team

Kaloomee is part of an established print on demand mail order business, partner with us today and let us help you!

      Helping to raise funds for your Club, Community, Charity or Association for Free!
      We buy the merchandise, Hold it in stock, List it in your FREE Kaloomee custom built store, Process all orders and Send to the customer
      No minimum order qty and you receive a commission for every sale. No Catches, No Gimmicks and 100% FREE, It really is that simple!

      Kaloomee | Merchandise for Clubs & Communities
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