How will Kaloomee help raise funds?

Would you like merchandise for your club or community? …  Kaloomee provides a free online store populated with free stock! 
No stock to hold, No orders for you to process, we do it all for you and you receive a percentage of every sale for your cause!

Now YOU can EASILY Raise Funds for Your Club, Community, Group or Association …

Whilst Removing Those Administrative Tasks You Love to Hate!

Welcome to Kaloomee,

I hope the above headline has captured your imagination and inspired you to want to partner with Kaloomee.

… or at the very least created an insatiable desire to learn more about Kaloomee and how we can help you.

I know your time is precious, so please allow me to cut to the chase … Kaloomee is part of an established print on demand mail order business.

This is how we fulfil the first part of our promise, Kaloomee will help you to EASILY raise those much-needed funds, requiring ZERO financial investment from you …

Kaloomee takes the risk by holding stock for you, with your design or logo expertly applied to a wide range of products.

A percentage of every product sold will be paid as commission. And you don’t need to do anything other than refer your members, friends and family to your Kaloomee store! Kaloomee stores are free by the way!

Here’s an example Kaloomee store – click here.

Kaloomee is ‘The Club Marketplace’ where you can deliver merchandise to your members.

And we don’t make a charge for any of this. All we ask is that you utilise our print on demand capabilities by allowing us to print products for you, on your behalf.

We really want to help you raise funds, so much so that pretty much all you need to do is:

  1. Add some info about your club so that your members will recognise who you are
  2. Then let your members know where to find your Kaloomee store. You even get your own unique url. (eg :- kaloomee.com/with/mystore )

And that’s it. At the same time Kaloomee will be working alongside you:

  • Using the very latest design techniques to show off your logo or design on your chosen products
  • Offering help and support to assist with initial setup

In no time at all you’ll wonder how you ever got by without Kaloomee.

The Kaloomee Team

What are the costs ?

Kaloomee is FREE and includes an e-commerce store

Kaloomee product listings earn you a commission on every sale made through your Kaloomee store.

When & how will we get paid?

  • You can choose which method that you would like to receive your payments via PayPal, Stripe or Bank transfer and are sent to on a regular basis.
  • We can request manual payments via bank transfer. These will be actioned within 3 working days of being requested and require a minimum payment of £75.

NOTE:  In order to protect you and Kaloomee from potential fraud we have a short qualifying period of 14 days. This means that we don’t remit funds to your club for the first 14 days after your first sale. From day 15 your club’s funds will be sent on a regular basis (if choosing to receive funds via PayPal).

Which payment options can we accept?

Payments options are PayPal, Stripe & Amazon Pay

Comprehensive features providing a host of benefits

Your very own unique URL! – Each Kaloomee store benefits from having it’s very own ‘url’ (Website link) meaning you can guide everyone direct to your storefront – Example kaloomee.com/with/mystore

Secure payments  – Kaloomee.com is an ssl secured site, Secured by an official https SSL certificate which can be seen by the padlock in the top left of a browser and can be checked HERE, This means that data and payment information is always securely encrypted for your peace of mind. 

Blog away – Publish news and information

Creating a blog post is as easy as writing a letter. Blogs help to increase awareness of your club and products and also helps to boost SEO. Blog content can be easy to write by using information about your store, products, news and information.

As a manager you can create your very own blogs which can be shared on social media networks and are a great indirect marketing tool.

Social network integration

New listings and blog posts are automatically posted to the top social network platforms :- Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – Optimising the visibility of your listings worldwide.

We do the merchandising, pay for your stock, build your Kaloomee store then process and send orders direct to the customer. 
No minimum order quantity and you receive a commission for every sale. No catches, no gimmicks and 100% FREE, it really is that simple!

Kaloomee … helping to raise funds for your Club, Community, Charity or Association for Free!
We do the merchandising, pay for your stock, build your Kaloomee store then process and send orders direct to the customer.
No minimum order quantity and you receive a royalty for every sale.
No catches, no gimmicks and 100% FREE, it really is that simple!

Kaloomee | Merchandise for Clubs
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